What you get here?

The News Lab AI is a research and consulting lab dedicated to exploring the potential of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the newsroom. Our aim is to help publishers understand the best practices for using AI and to demonstrate the value of AI in the newsroom.

The lab offers a range of services to publishers. We provide training and workshops to help them understand the basics of AI and its potential in the newsroom. We conduct experiments and publish case studies to show the potential of AI in the newsroom. Our case studies will document best practices and can be used by publishers to understand the value of AI in their newsrooms.

We also offer consulting services to publishers on how to best use AI in their newsrooms. We provide guidance on AI-based content formats and platforms and help publishers in making decisions related to AI implementation.

Finally, our lab will also provide support for publishers who are already using AI in their newsrooms. Our team can help with troubleshooting, optimization, and other aspects of AI implementation.

By providing these services, we hope to drive the adoption of AI in newsrooms and help publishers get the most out of their AI investments. With our help, publishers can create better content, reach more readers, and produce more engaging stories.