About Us

We are a team of journalists, AI engineers, news product evangelists, search specialists and strategists who are passionate about helping newsrooms incorporate artificial intelligence into their workflows and build a sustainable futuristic model for journalism.

We understand that AI can be intimidating and difficult to navigate. That’s why we provide a range of services to help news publishers get up to speed with AI.

  • We offer consulting services to publishers on how AI can be used in newsrooms.
  • We provide training and workshops to help news professionals understand the best practices for using AI.
  • And finally, we run experiments and publish case studies to demonstrate the potential of AI in newsrooms.

At News Labs AI our mission is to make AI technology accessible and easy to use for newsrooms. We want to help newsrooms and publishers leverage AI to reduce costs, increase efficiency, and make more informed decisions.

We help newsrooms and publishers achieve financial success with AI which is why we take a holistic approach focusing on cost reduction, efficiency improvements, and data-driven decision-making. This helps maximise the value of AI to newsrooms and also helps build a more sustainable future for journalism.

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